Man Dedicated To Helping Homeless Receives Surprise Of A Lifetime

Life seems much faster in today?s age when compared to prior generations. With the ever-increasing nature of technology, individuals throughout the world are fully consumed by their computers, phones, tablets, and any sort of advanced technological implement one could use for their own personal enjoyment.

As a result, we often become self-indulgent by default. This might not be a conscious decision ? though the lives of ourselves have become focal points when compared to others around us. Charitable acts are often praised and lauded. However with the hectic nature of anyone?s personal life, it?s not always easy to help others out on a regular basis.

The same cannot be said for Philadelphia native Brennon Jones. He has dedicated his life to helping out the homeless population in the ?City of Brotherly Love?. He routinely will cut their hair and give them meals ? free of charge. One day, a complete stranger approached Jones on the street. From that point on, Jones?s life was changed forever in a wonderfully positive way.

Image Source: Rachael Ray Show YouTube Channel