The Most Notorious Quick Draws and Outlaws Of The Wild West

Dallas Stoudenmire – The Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight

Dallas Stoudenmire certainly earns ‘best in show’ when it comes to his gunslinging. A US Marshal serving in El Paso, Texas, Stoudenmire had just started his tenure three days before the fight. A trial involving cattle rustlers and a pair of murdered Mexican Cowboys led to a confrontation between the local Constable, who had been translating for the Cowboys’ friends, and George Campbell, the ex-Marshal whom Stoudenmire had just replaced a few days ago, and who had a close connection to the aforementioned cattle rustlers.

Stoudenmire came upon the scene after one of the ex-Marshal’s friends pulled his gun and shot the Constable. The Marshal pulled out his pistols and ran out into the street, firing wildly. His first shot struck and killed an innocent bystander who was running for cover, his second struck the murderer clean between the eyes. The ex-Marshal tried to shoot him, but Stoudenmire whirled away from his position and instantly fired at Campbell, killing him as well. All in all, the fight took less than five seconds, but killed four people.

Image Source: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons