25 Of The Rarest Animals On Earth

25. Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

Image Source: Shanghaiist

Formerly native to the Yangtze River and Lake Tai in China, the giant softshell turtle is now a critically endangered species. The secretive turtle spends most of its time submerged deep underwater. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss and hunting, there are only three giant softshell’s remaining in the world. To our knowledge, two remain in the wild in Vietnam and one lives in captivity in China. The last known female died in April 2019, putting the future of the softshell at an all-time high risk.

24. Cebu Flowerpecker

Image Source: CebuFest

This beautiful bird was thought to be extinct as recently as 1990. Thankfully, in 1992, the Cebu flowerpecker was rediscovered. The current population is estimated to near 100 living Cebu?s. Perhaps one thing going in its favor is its location. The flowerpecker’s can only be found on the island of Cebu, a remote island in the Philippines. Without further destruction of its habitat, there is hope for the Cebu?s population to grow in the coming years.