These Species Have Remarkably Come Back From The Brink Of Extinction

15. Kakapo

The kakapo is an amazingly unique animal and is the only nocturnal, flightless parrot in the world. The kakapo only found in New Zealand and due to its sheltered island evolution has unfortunately been susceptible to invasive species introduced by man. While the kakapo is still considered critically endangered, there have been a number of conservation efforts to help the population rebound. The first factor in the decline of the kakapo was the arrival of humans. Māori folklore suggests that the kakapo was found throughout the country when the Polynesians first arrived on the island over 700 years ago. Due to its flightless nature, it was easy prey for the new inhabitants of the island. Over the years, feral dogs, cats, rats and humans have decimated the population. Currently, there are only 150 Kakapo in the wild, but this number continues to increase since 2000 as its habitat continues to grow and be protected.

Image Source: Robin Bush/Getty Images