The 30 Weirdest Cars Of All-Time

30. Dodge Deora

We start off our weirdest cars piece with the Dodge Deora. First crafted in 1965, it appears to resemble something you’d see during the time of The Jetsons. The widened truck bed provided ample space for transporting materials (or even people). In 2009, this model was sold for a whopping $325,000.

Image Source: Imgur

29. Mercedes Popemobile

Pope Benedict XVI used this altered version of the Mercedes M-Class. This beauty was his preferred mode of transportation when making trips outside of Vatican City. This car looks far from normal — though it’s equipped with some crazy facets. Aside from a sitting inside of the bullet-proof encasing, the Pope is raised up (via an extensive hydraulic system) to be visible to the public. He sits on a very opulent throne — which then is fortified by a small flight of stairs. Talk about pimping out a ride.

Image Source: Digital Trends